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OUI And License Suspension Article Library

The thought of losing your license can be both frightening and overwhelming. It can be difficult to know just what your legal rights and options may be. That's why experienced attorney Matthew Gilman has prepared these articles to help you learn more about OUI, surchargeable offenses, traffic violations, criminal traffic proceedings, and much more.

Effect of Out of State Offenses & License Suspensions on Massachusetts Drivers

Fight Back Against An Unfair ‘Immediate Threat' License Suspension | License Suspension Attorney

Fourth Offense OUI

Criminal Offense Convictions Can Lead to License Suspensions

Meet With Our License Attorney If Your Junior Operator License Is In Jeopardy

Applying For A Hardship License Following A First Offense Alcohol Or Drug Program

Consult Our Driver's License Suspension Attorney Before Accepting A Mandatory Suspension

Have An Experienced OUI/DUI And License Suspension Attorney On Your Side

Grounds for License Suspensions in Massachusetts | License Suspension Attorney

License Fraud Suspension

Third Offense OUI/DUI Defense

Second Offense OUI / DUI Defense

Habitual Traffic Offender Suspension | Hardship License Attorney

All About License Suspensions For Commercial Drivers In Massachusetts, And How To Keep Your Right To Drive

Registry Of Motor Vehicles To Run National Driver Registry Match Impacting Thousands

7 Surchargeable Events 60-Day License Suspension

Junior Operator License Holders Beware

Applying For An OUI / DUI Hardship License

Aggressive Negligent Operation Defense

OUI Checkpoints and OUI Arrests

You Can Appeal A Breathalyzer Refusal License Suspension With The Help Of Our Experienced Attorney

How To Appeal License Suspensions To The Board Of Appeals?

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