Navigating Out-of-State Legal Challenges in Massachusetts

Gilman Law offers legal representation for cases involving out-of-state suspensions and convictions in Massachusetts. With over 15 years of experience working as both a lawyer and a Hearing Officer at the RMV, the lead attorney at Gilman Law has the knowledge and expertise you need on your side.

How to Reinstate a License after an Out-of-State Suspension

To reinstate your license in Massachusetts after an out of state offense, you must first meet all the requirements of that state. This may include attending courses, obtaining special insurance, or paying fines. Once completed, your license could be reinstated in Massachusetts – but not automatically.

Even if you have met the requirements for reinstatement in another state, it does not automatically guarantee reinstatement in Massachusetts. The RMV reviews each case separately and decides whether to grant reinstatement.

The Massachusetts RMV will treat the offense as if it occurred here in Massachusetts. Any out-of-state conviction can result in an additional suspension of your MA driver’s license – regardless of whether the penalty was already paid, or legal requirements fulfilled in another jurisdiction. It is always best to seek out legal counsel when facing a possible out-of-state suspension so that your rights are fully protected. Drivers should understand the collateral consequences before resolving a case in another state.

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What happens if my license is suspended in another state?

If you have received notice that your license has been suspended or revoked by another state, then it will also be suspended or revoked in Massachusetts until you complete the requirements necessary to reinstate it there first. In other words, until you comply with whatever action was ordered by that state (such as completing any required alcohol classes, paying fines, etc.), your license will continue to be suspended in Massachusetts as well. In addition to the reciprocal suspension, you could face extensive license suspensions as if the offense had occurred in Massachusetts.

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Leading OUI defense attorney in Massachusetts

At Gilman Law, our lead attorney is one of the few attorneys who have represented clients with out-of-state suspensions throughout the entire process–from prehearing negotiation up to the hearing before the court. Our attorney’s experience allows the legal team to navigate this tricky terrain with confidence and accuracy, while understanding all potential outcomes that could come from such cases.

Matt Gilman understands not only what needs to be done to prepare for an effective criminal defense, but how to best present their client’s case for consideration at an RMV hearing on a license suspension, reinstatement, and hardship licenses.

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What sets Gilman Law apart when it comes to license suspension?

The RMV is the Wild West of the law--they have their own rules and regulations which they enforce arbitrarily and without much explanation beyond simply saying “you need to do X” before you can get your license back again. This leaves many drivers confused when it comes time to reinstate their licenses after receiving a conviction in another state or finding themselves facing revoked privileges due to traffic violations here at home.

Experienced attorneys like those at Gilman Law know how to properly interpret these laws so that our clients can avoid unnecessary delays when getting back on the road legally once more. They consider all potential outcomes that may arise when taking on these types of cases so that our clients can feel confident knowing their future is safe within our hands.

How does the Registry treat out-of-state DUI convictions for license suspension and ignition interlock purposes?

For the purpose of license suspension and ignition interlock requirements, if the operator was a Massachusetts license holder or resident and convicted of or assigned to a OUI/ DUI program, the Registry will treat the out-state-OUI/DUI convictions as if they had occurred within Massachusetts.

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What documents are accepted by the Registry as proof of clearance for an out-of-state suspension?

The Registry accepts certain documents as proof of clearance for an out-of-state suspension. They will accept a clearance letter or an out-of-state driving record as valid documents. Additionally, letters from the out-of-state DMV indicating that the suspension was due to a stolen identity or confirming that you are not the same person listed in their records are also accepted. It is important to note that these documents must not be older than 30 days to be considered valid by the Registry.

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Ready to get your license reinstated?

Are you ready to get your license reinstated? Then speak with Matt Gilman, who has over 15 years of experience fighting for the rights of drivers in Massachusetts. He can help you understand the administrative and legal elements of reinstating your license so that you don’t have to face the RMV alone.

Matthew Gilman is a unique legal voice in the field of OUI. He not only fights for your rights in court but also provides comprehensive administrative work with RMV that other attorneys simply can't offer. Let us help you get your license back.

Contact Gilman Law today for top legal representation and get back on the road.

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