Understanding the Indefinite Nature of Certain License Revocations

These license suspensions have no end-point, and will continue indefinitely until the operator can establish they are medically qualified to operate a motor vehicle safely at either the RMV or Division of Insurance Board of Appeals.unless the correct legal actions are taken with the RMV. These suspensions may be requested by a law enforcement officer or medical professional, such as a doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner.

A medical professional may have informed the RMV of a medical condition that will affect the ability to operate a vehicle safely. A law enforcement officer could claim to have observed medical symptoms that affect a driver’s ability to drive in a safe manner. A form is issued to the RMV, who will then suspend driving privileges for an indefinite period of time.

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How to reinstate a driver’s license after a Medical Immediate Threat suspension?

It is typically necessary to have a medical doctor assist with the license reinstatement process. After a medical evaluation, the medical professional can clear a driver by filling in a form that confirms that the driver does not have a medical condition that will impact the ability to safely operate a vehicle. Once the doctor has provided this information to the RMV, an RMV hearing is required, and the RMV Hearing Officer is convinced by evidence that the driver is not a risk to public safety.

Restoring your right to drive after a Medical Immediate Threat suspension

At Gilman Law, we are one of the most effective law firms for license suspension problems, including Medical Immediate Threat suspensions. As a former RMV Hearing Officer, our founder has a deep insight into the RMV processes, and what it takes to move the process forward and achieve success, as quickly as possible. When a client comes to our firm with this problem, we move into action quickly. To speed the process, we can take the following steps:

  • Immediately request directly through the Registry Driver Control Unit We obtain a copy of the complaint that led to the Medical Immediate Threat suspension and review it carefully. These complaints may have exaggerated the condition of the driver, have errors, or the driver is no longer suffering from the medical condition, or taking the medication that triggered the complaint.
  • Immediately file an appeal with the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. Appeals to the board can take time. We don’t believe in waiting to file.
  • We look for evidence that challenges the suspension, such as your driving record, criminal record, and other documentation that helps to establish that you are safe behind the wheel.
  • We work with a medical professional who can perform an examination and complete the required Medical Evaluation Form or Psychiatric Evaluation Form. The doctor must reveal that he or she has read and understands the complaint that led to the suspension.
  • For drug-related medical suspensions, it may be necessary for the driver to undergo drug testing and a substance abuse evaluation. The professionals involved must state that the driver exhibits a low risk of relapsing.
  • For psychiatric medical suspensions, another mental health practitioner may come up with a far different diagnosis than the original doctor. We can seek out a practitioner to perform a fresh evaluation and present the information to the RMV.
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The process, step by step.

To restore the legal right to drive after a Medical Immediate Threat suspension, the following steps often must take place:

  • A medical doctor clears the driver and submits the form to the RMV.
  • An RMV hearing is scheduled.
  • The evidence of the driver’s safety is presented at the hearing.
  • The driver must pass a competency road test.

If for any reason, the RMV does not reinstate the driver’s license, an appeal can be filed. At Gilman Law we do not wait to see if clients will be successful at the RMV. We immediately file appeals with the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals immediately. In some cases, after an appeal, the driver will be subjected to a driving evaluation, may be issued only a learner’s permit, and will once again review the medical information. In some cases, a waiting period is imposed. If the driver does not exhibit any dangerous behaviors over that period, license reinstatement could occur. 

Why choose Gilman Law?

If you are unable to drive due to a Medical Immediate Threat suspension, it can throw your life and schedule into turmoil. You may be forced to get rides from friends or family, take public transportation, or other alternatives to driving to work, school, church, or to perform daily tasks such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments, or picking up children from school, and many others.  Reinstating your license is an urgent matter, and you don’t have months to wait – you need fast, effective action. When represented by Gilman Law, your case will be managed by one of the top license suspension law firms in the state. We are widely known for our ability to get our clients back behind the wheel, quickly, safely, and legally. 

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Experts in driver’s license reinstatement in Massachusetts

We offer payment plans, flat fees for many services, and when we take on a case, we get to work at once. Our legal team is very familiar with all RMV requirements for license reinstatement after a Medical Immediate Threat suspension. Our founder, Matthew Gilman, formerly worked for the RMV as a Hearing Officer, and is extremely familiar with how to navigate the processes at the agency successfully. We are proud to be known as “the experts” in the field of driver’s license reinstatement and take our duty to our clients very seriously. You can expect honest, open communication, from a lawyer who genuinely wants to help you get back on the road, with your legal right to drive restored.

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