How Legal Counsel Can Help Restore Junior Operator Privileges

A Junior Operator’s License, or “learner’s permit,” is issued to drivers under 18 years old. A junior operator's license or permit can be suspended or revoked when a teen driver commits an offense that is deemed to be a violation of the junior operator program. If you or your child has had their license suspended or revoked, you need legal representation to resolve the matter swiftly. 

What actions can lead to a junior operator’s license suspension?

Young drivers must follow very strict rules when operating a vehicle. Some of the violations that will lead to the suspension or revocation of a Junior Operator Permit include:

Driving without a licensed driver in the vehicle

A learner’s permit holder cannot legally drive a car, truck, SUV, or other vehicle without a licensed driver accompanying them. If found to be driving without a licensed adult, the penalties (first time offense) include:

  • 60 day license suspension
  • $100 reinstatement fee
  • Must reapply for the Junior Operator Permit

Driving outside the allowed hours of operation

A Junior Operator allows a young driver to operate a vehicle during certain hours. If caught driving outside the time window outlined in law, the young driver can expect the following consequences (first time offense):

  • 60 day license suspension
  • $100 reinstatement fee


When a driver holds only a Junior Operator license and is found to have exceeded posted speed limits, the learner’s permit will be suspended (first time offense):

  • 90 day license suspension
  • $500 reinstatement fee
  • Must attend and complete the Driver Attitudinal Retraining Program and State Courts Against Road Rage
  • Must retake the permit and road test.

Drag racing

A driver holding a learner’s license caught drag racing can face the following penalties, including license suspension:

  • 1 year license suspension
  • Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course and State Courts Against Road Rage
  • Retake the permit and road test

Texting while driving, cell phone use

Drivers holding a Junior Operator License are restricted from using a cell phone or other digital device. If caught using a cell phone, the learner’s permit will be suspended with the following requirements (first time offense):

  • 60 day license suspension
  • $100 license reinstatement fee
  • Driving Attitudinal Retraining Course Completion
  • Retake the permit and road test.
  • Must reapply for permit

Negligent driving causing injury due to cell phone use

A Junior Operator license does not allow the driver to use a cell phone while operating the vehicle. Should an injury accident occur, and it is discovered the driver was using a cell phone at the time, the following penalties will be imposed:

  • 180 day license suspension
  • $500 reinstatement fee

Other violations that will require a 180-day license suspension include operating to endanger, reckless or negligent vehicle operation, leaving the scene, or driving a vehicle without authorized permission.

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License reinstatement for junior operator license holders in Massachusetts

When a young driver has had a junior operator license learner’s permit suspended, it is necessary to complete all the requirements to ensure the license can be reinstated. In some cases, the license suspension was not based on fact; the driver was not guilty of the alleged violation. Every case is unique. To speed the process and ensure a young driver has the best opportunity for license reinstatement, get the help of a driver’s license reinstatement attorney from Gilman Law. 

Gilman Law has represented hundreds of young drivers to help get them back on the road before the expiration of the license suspension and often without the need to retake a permit and road test.

Why choose us?

Gilman Law is one of the largest driver’s license suspension law firms in Massachusetts. We charge a flat fee for many services and offer payment plans. If your learner’s permit was suspended, and we take on your case, we get to work right away, often the same day. We do all the administrative work necessary with the RMV and have gained a reputation for the speed and success of our license reinstatement processes. While attending law school, our founder, Matthew Gilman,  worked as an RMV Hearing Officer. This provides a rare breadth of experience and knowledge regarding license reinstatement. 

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