Life Without a License: The Impact on Work, School, and Daily Tasks

Work, school, shopping, children, and all everyday tasks will require public transportation, rides from friends or family, or expensive rideshare or taxi services. That’s why it’s critical to hire an experienced attorney who understands how the Criminal Justice System and the RMV system works, and who can help you get back behind the wheel, legally and efficiently.

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What is a criminal charge suspension in Massachusetts?

In the state of Massachusetts, there are many criminal charges for which a conviction can result in a person’s driver’s license being suspended.

Initially, your license may be suspended at the request of law enforcement at the time of the incident by the Registry of Motor Vehicles as an Immediate Threat. If formal charges are filed against you, then your license will be suspended by the Registry until the case is concluded in court. 

Penalties for an OUI conviction – license suspension

For drivers convicted of an OUI offense, having your license suspended is one of the penalties you can expect, for various lengths of time.

  • A conviction for an OUI first offense will result in at least a 45-day and up to a one-year license suspension
  • A second offense leads to a two-year suspension
  • Third offenses can lead to an eight-year license suspension 
  • A fourth offense culminates in a ten year license suspension
  • Fifth of subsequent offenses culminates in a lifetime license suspension

If an OUI case results in an Alternative Disposition (CWOF) or guilty plea for first offenders, you may have your license reduced to 45 to 90 days instead of 1 year. Ensure you are represented by a talented, experienced OUI defense lawyer to pursue this option for you.

What can trigger a criminal charge suspension?

Driving under the influence (OUI) is one of the most common triggers for a criminal charge suspension of driver’s license in Massachusetts. Other offenses that can result in a license suspension include:

  • Texting or using a cell phone while driving
  • Tinted windows
  • Leaving the scene of an accident with injuries
  • Accumulating seven sur-chargeable events within 36 months
  • Negligent Operation
  • Operating After Suspension

In some cases, drivers may also need to take a full driving test to reinstate a suspended license.

The consequences of an OAS conviction

A conviction for Operating After Suspension (OAS) as well as certain other convictions can result in an immediate suspension lasting from sixty days up to four years when combined with other offenses on your record.

In any case it is important to contact an experienced attorney who understands the MA criminal charge suspension system to help guide you through this difficult process and get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

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How can an attorney with experience in license suspension help me?

Finding an experienced attorney who understands the inner workings of the RMV system for a criminal charge suspension in Massachusetts is an essential step in license reinstatement. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to navigate the complexities of the RMV system and present your case to get you behind the wheel as soon as possible. 

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Why choose Gilman Law?

At Gilman Law, we have a team of dedicated attorneys with extensive experience in driver's license suspensions and reinstatements. We understand exactly how to handle all aspects of this process. Our lead attorney is extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to successfully achieve license reinstatement after a criminal charge suspension. We provide personalized legal services tailored to each individual client, addressing all the administrative details that can delay the ability to regain the legal right to drive. We work hard, value integrity above all else, and fight tirelessly to get our clients back behind the wheel legally and efficiently.

We help get drivers back behind the wheel

Our experienced attorneys are well equipped to fight for your rights every step of the way and help you get back behind the wheel as quickly as possible – with no hidden costs or ramping up costs with out-of-control hourly billing. We believe in speaking truthfully with our clients and giving them an honest opinion of what to expect before moving forward.

Ready to protect your license? Contact our firm today so we can help guide you towards your best course of action.

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