What is Negligent Operation Suspension?

Negligent operation suspension is a type of license suspension imposed by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) for drivers convicted or found responsible of negligent operation.

What are the penalties for driving to endanger?

Driving to endanger can result in serious penalties. If convicted, you could face criminal penalties which include imprisonment of up to two years, fines up to $200, and a driver’s license suspension. These penalties could make it almost impossible to get back behind the wheel without the help of an attorney to navigate the system.

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License suspension is separate from a DUI Case

If you're facing a license suspension due to criminal charges, navigating the RMV can be an uphill battle. The RMV can impose suspensions for up to five years, and their rules and regulations are often complex and challenging to understand. To successfully get your license reinstated, you need an experienced advocate who knows how to navigate the system and make sure your interests are protected. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side can ensure that the process is handled efficiently, so you can get back on the road sooner – not in months or years.

Elements of a negligent operation case

  • To prove the first element, the prosecutor must demonstrate that the defendant was in fact operating a motor vehicle. This can be done by showing that the defendant was in control of the vehicle, either as a driver or passenger.
  • The second element requires proof that the defendant was operating the vehicle on a public way. A public way includes any street, highway, or other road open to public use.
  • Finally, the prosecutor must prove that the operation of the motor vehicle was reckless or negligent and endangered the lives or safety of the public. This means that there must be evidence that shows that the defendant's actions were careless and put others at risk of harm.

If all three elements are proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then a conviction for negligent operation can be obtained in Massachusetts.

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Why hire Gilman Law for a negligent operation suspension?

If you're facing a license suspension due to being accused of negligent operation in Massachusetts, Gilman Law can provide reliable legal defense every step of the way. With one of the top driver’s license suspension law firms in MA on your side, you can trust our ability to navigate the RMV system quickly and efficiently – we even offer flat fee services and payment plans so that our clients can access much-needed financial assistance during this stressful time.

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A DUI defense attorney with an extensive background in license suspension

When dealing with something as important as getting your license back after an OUI charge, it's essential that you feel confident with your attorney's experience and honesty. Not only does Gilman Law have extensive knowledge in DUI defense and navigating the RMV system but strives to keep clients informed every step of the way, providing honest advice and guidance so that everyone involved knows exactly what to expect when approaching a trial or RMV hearing.

Hiring a top-notch DUI lawyer with an extensive background in license suspension is beneficial if you want to effectively defend yourself against charges; at Gilman Law, we understand how intimidating these proceedings can be and use our expertise in drunk driving laws to relentlessly pursue the most positive outcome in every case.

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