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With over twenty years of experience navigating between the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Courts, the team at Gilman Law, P.C. is prepared to fight on your behalf, to help you maintain your livelihood, and allow you to retain your driver's license.

The issue is very simple: Do you want to hire a lawyer who dabbles in DUI and License Suspension representation cases, or do you want to hire a firm dedicated to defending such cases in court and and putting its clients back on the road?

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Lowell District Court License Suspended for OUI Dismissed

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Third Offense OUI Hardship Granted

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Interlock Device Not Required

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Why Choose Gilman Law, P.C.

If you have been cited with an OUI/DWI and facing a License Suspension, we will work for you FROM BEGINNING TO END, and we will make every effort to restore your driving privileges! 

If you are charged in Massachusetts with a OUI/DUI or face a License Suspension, you will need to make critical decisions in a hurry. Gilman Law, P.C., under the able legal counsel of Attorneys Matthew Gilman and Julie Gaudreau, is dedicated exclusively and solely to license suspensions and OUI-related offenses. The firm has already helped more than 1,000 clients just like you to minimize the negative consequences of these citations and to retain their driving privileges.

From Day One, Attorney Gilman and his team are here to help you take control of the situation and to make the best decisions so as to quickly move forward on your case. 


We will battle to protect your Legal Rights and to make sure you retain your Right to Drive! 

At Gilman Law, P.C., we represent clients in every District Court across the Commonwealth and before the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and Board of Appeal of the Division of Insurance. Our practice is dedicated to representing individuals throughout the Commonwealth who face license suspensions and OUI/DUI-related offenses, as well as those who live out of state and cannot get a license within home states because their licenses have been suspended in Massachusetts.

As a former hearings officer at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, Attorney Gilman is a straightforward and aggressive advocate working on behalf of his clients. The firm is determined to reduce the adverse consequences of drunk-driving charges and license suspensions and to provided both you and your family with the best possible legal outcome.

Attorney Matthew Gilman offers every client:

  • Experience with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. As a former license suspension hearings officer who has heard over 17,000 cases at the RMV, Attorney Matthew Gilman has both the knowledge and experience to help you understand the system and to give you practical guidance on how to successfully resolve your case. 
  • Straightforward advice. Too many attorneys make promises they cannot keep. Attorney Gilman and his team are not one of them. They tell every client exactly what needs to be done to achieve the most favorable outcome—whether it is what you want to hear or not. With fewer surprises you will have more confidence in knowing what to expect.
  • No hidden fees. Gilman Law, P.C., charges a flat fee for all services, as discussed and paid for at the  opening of your case. When your case is resolved, you will not receive a bill for any extra charges.
  • Direct attorney/client relationship. Clients of Gilman Law, P.C. work directly with our team. Our cases are not farmed out to other law firms.  When you have questions or need an update, you will not have to work your way through a complicated legal maze.  You can speak with Matthew directly and you will promptly get all the answers you need. Gilman Law is not a 9am to 5pm law firm. If you need us, we are there.  We can be reached at 978-612-6447 at any time 24/7 to answer whatever questions you may have. 

Attorneys Matthew Gilman & Julie Gaudreau

DUI Defense and License-Suspension Attorneys Matthew Gilman and Julie Gaudreau help people charged with DUI and are facing license-suspensions across Massachusetts. We help you get out of court and get back on the road.

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  • Marc Roy

    Atty Gilman was awesome from the start !! Very straight forward and help with some confusion that was going on. He was very responsive and told me right off the start he would take me all the way thru to appeal at 1 coast . I can't thank him enough!! Definitely recommend Matt Gilman!! Thank you Read On

  • Gale Brady

    I can not thank Atty Gilman enough for his expertise and knowledge which got me my Hardship License. He always retuned my phone calls and answered my questions. He also was able to get a hearing quite quickly with the Board of Appeals to aid me in getting the privilege of my driving back. He also... Read On

  • J. Winter

    Gilman law did a great job handling a complicated RMV suspension. Matt was knowledgeable and experienced dealing with the medieval, opaque workings the MA RMV. He and his legal assistant Abby were available and helpful through RMV hearings and appeal making the process as easy and comfortable as ... Read On

Important Alerts:

On February 1, 2021 the Massachusetts Trial Court announced that 27,000 individuals who were convicted of or pled to an OUI/DUI between 2011 and April, 2019 may be eligible to have their cases reopened. If you were arrested during that time period and took the breathalyzer test contact us today for a full and free case review and discussion about your option.

Massachusetts Registry Officials continue to enter tens of thousands of out-of-state offenses to driving records. If you were found responsible or convicted of an offense in another state, your license and right to operate is in jeopardy. You may be eligible for immediate relief.

Contact Us for an immediate record review. Your suspension may be invalid and we can get your license reinstated.

Consult an EXPERIENCED OUI and License-Suspension Lawyer in Massachusetts

An OUI conviction, just like a license suspension, can significantly impact your future. Without a license, not only is your ability to work impacted but so is the probability of being able to further your education or to support your family economically. 

Do not try to fight the Registry and the Courts on your own. Regardless of whether you are facing your first OUI or you are suspended for motor vehicle homicide, it is critical that you retain an attorney who specializes in Massachusetts OUI and License-Suspension cases. 

Attorney Matthew Gilman understands the difficulties such cases may cause.  If you have lost your license, our team will travel through the Commonwealth to meet you wherever is most convenient. Contact Gilman Law, P.C. to speak directly with Attorney Gilman and his team and schedule a free consultation today.

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