Navigating the Rules and Regulations for Interlock Devices

Drivers who are reinstated with two or more OUIs are required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle and must follow many rules. Violating the rules and regulations can lead to serious legal complications, including losing the legal right to drive – again. 

Ignition Interlock Devices: The rules

As a driver, you are responsible for:

  • Installation of the IID in any vehicle you drive, own, or lease
  • Maintenance on the device every 25 – 30 days, along with data uploads
  • You are responsible for using the device properly and never attempt to circumvent the IID by tampering or other action.
  • You are responsible for the payment for leasing the device, and all maintenance fees.
  • When you arrive for monthly maintenance, you must pay $30 per month to the RMV, collected by the IID vendor.

Interlock violations

You can face serious repercussions if you are accused of a violation. The IID program violations include:

  • Driving a vehicle without an IID.
  • A failed rolling re-test, with BAC registering .05 or higher.
  • Two failed rolling re-tests with BAC registering at .02 to .05.
  • Asking another person to blow into the IID to start the vehicle or during a rolling re-test.
  • Attempting any alteration of the process of blowing into the device as required.
  • Attempting to tamper with an IID or attempting to circumvent its function by any means.
  • Two vehicle lockouts due to missed rolling re-tests.
  • Two vehicle lockouts due to failed start-up tests
  • Two missed visits to your IID provider over the term of your required IID use.
  • Two lockouts during the term of your requirement to use an IID to drive.
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What happens in an interlock violation?

If you violate the rules regarding driving with an interlock device, the RMV will be notified and they will schedule an Ignition Interlock Violation Hearing. The consequences are serious, as you may once again lose your right to drive, and in some cases, for a lifetime. The IID unit may have failed, as these are manufactured and prone to fail like any other device. If you have been wrongly locked out, or your IID does not function as it should, your provider must be contacted immediately. At Gilman Law, we provide the support you need to avoid having your license suspended again due to being accused of an interlock violation. Having handled hundreds of ignition interlock violations, the team at Gilman Law will put you in the best position to be successful.

Why choose Gilman Law?

Attorneys are not all equal in skills, confidence, and experience. Matthew Gilman brings a rare level of experience to any licensing issue related to an interlock violation – he formerly served as an RMV Hearing Officer. He understands how the system works and what to do when his clients are locked out, or a violation requires an appearance in front of a Hearing Officer.

Gilman Law is one of the largest driver’s license suspension law firms in Massachusetts and charges a flat fee for many services, with payment plans available. Your attorney will get to work on your case right away, often the same day. You don’t want to wait for the problem to be resolved. No one can afford to be locked out of a vehicle or threatened with a license suspension. The firm does all the administrative work with the RMV and knows what it takes to get a client back behind the wheel after an interlock violation – legally and efficiently. Gilman Law is known as the expert in the field of driver’s license reinstatement. 

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Accused of an interlock violation?

You need an attorney who gets results if you have been accused of an IID violation. At Gilman Law, we are honored to be known as one of the premier law firms for OUI, DUI, and all RMV problems, including interlock violations. We act fast, we understand the process, and we get results. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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