Massachusetts License Holders and Residents need to be aware that if they receive a citation outside of Massachusetts they could face a license suspension in Massachusetts. What may appear to be a ticket that is a fine only, may result in a 60-day or longer license suspension. License suspensions can grind your life to a halt.

So, if you receive a citation outside of Massachusetts, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in Massachusetts license suspensions.

  • Will the charges levied against you involve just a fine or a license suspension?
  • Will the charges effect an ability to hold or obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)?
  • Is there a way to get your license back before the suspension has run its course?

These are all significant and important questions that can effect you and your family, but you do not have to face them alone.

If you have been pulled over outside of Massachusetts and are not sure if the charges will impact your Massachusetts driver's licenses, or need help deciding on the next steps for your case, you are at the right place.

What Type of Offenses Cause Your License To Be Suspended?

In many states outside of Massachusetts, certain everyday driving actions have been characterized as negligent, reckless or careless operation. For example, in New Hampshire, it is a civil offense of negligent operation to operate a motor vehicle without clearing snow off your vehicle. In North Carolina and Virginia is it negligent operation to simply drive at certain speed limits. If these offenses had occurred in Massachusetts, any citation would have been for a fine only and would not have generated a license suspension. Massachusetts does not have a civil offense of negligent, careless or reckless operation.

What If I Already Paid the Citation?

If you paid the citation, the other state will enter the responsible finding in the National Driver Register and AAMVA System. When the finding is transferred from the incident state to the licensing state, the offense gets transferred by specific offense related codes. For instance, the negligent operation code is M84. Even though, Massachusetts may not suspend for the actual behavior cited, the code entered will automatically generate at least a 60 day license suspension. Attorney Gilman can help correct the record and avoid license suspensions.

Correcting the Record and Avoiding the Suspension

Attorney Gilman has an extensive record of helping clients who have license suspensions based on out of state offenses. Attorney Gilman has had numerous such suspensions annulled and removed from his clients driving records. Not only does this immediately reinstate his clients driving privileges, but it saves many thousands of dollars in increased insurance costs. Contact Attorney Gilman Today for a Free Record Review.

From his Lunenburg office, attorney Matthew Gilman represents clients all over the state of Massachusetts. Fill out the form on this page or call the office today to connect with him and set up a free consultation. Matthew will discuss your case in the office or even in your own home and determine the best way forward for your unique situation.

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