Massachusetts has one of the strictest license suspension laws in the United States. The Registry of Motor Vehicles can revoke your driving privileges immediately prior to a driver having any right to a hearing. One suspension suspension is known as the Medical Immediate Threat. This suspension can be imposed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles on its own volition at the request of a police officer, doctor or even a family member. These devastating suspensions are governed by G.L. c. 90 22(a) and (b).  The team at Gilman Law. P.C., has helped hundreds of clients suspended as immediate threats get back on the road. As a former hearing officer, Attorney Gilman and now his team knows the ins and outs of these drastic medical immediate threat license suspensions.

How Are Immediate Threat Medical Suspensions Imposed?

Doctors, police, family members and even the Registry of Motor Vehicles itself can request and impose immediate threat medical suspensions if they feel your continued operation of a motor vehicle is a danger to public safety and/or that you are unfit to operate.

Immediate threat suspensions are indefinite suspensions of your right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. Indefinite means there is no specific date that your license will be reinstated.

Typically, these types of suspensions begin by a police officer or medical professional sending a request to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The RMV will review the request and suspend or revoke the driver's license.

Catch the police officer or a doctor on the wrong day and he or she could request an immediate threat suspension for something as minor as a speeding violation.

However, these suspensions do not necessarily require a police officer or doctor request.  Recently, the Registry of Motor Vehicles issued thousands of immediate threat medical suspension notice because of its own failed oversight. The Registry recently discovered that it was not properly tracking the validity of Class D and M Eye Examination Certifications. Once this backlog was discovered the Registry sent out thousands of terrifying suspension notices. The notices fail to inform individuals how to avoid the suspension or how to go about requesting a hearing. Individuals are receiving suspension notices with not enough time to even request a Registry Hearing.

Starting Yours Case To Fight Unfair Immediate Threat Medical Suspensions

Many Massachusetts drivers are unclear about their rights.  There are no hardship licenses on immediate threats. These are public safety suspensions with no specific end dates. These suspensions and how to get them resolved can be a complicated and confusing process. The RMV in many cases will continue to change requirements time and time again.

Getting back on the road can be done with the help of our team at Gilman Law, P.C. We have helped thousands of clients throughout the Commonwealth get through these devastating suspensions and get back on the road.

At Gilman Law, P.C. ,we understands this system from the inside out. We take advantage of Attorney Gilman's experience as a hearing officer to help our clients get back on the road. We offer practical advice and a clear plan of action. Call Gilman Law, P.C., today for a free consultation.

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