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Grounds for License Suspensions in Massachusetts | License Suspension Attorney

When license suspensions first emerged as a legal punishment, the purposes were straightforward: punish drivers who behave in an unsafe manner and encourage compliance with the rules of the road.

Today, however, license suspensions are handed down for a wide variety of offenses in Massachusetts. Even crimes unrelated to the operation of a vehicle can result in a license suspension. A wide range of charges—from traffic violations and operating under the influence (OUI) to failure to pay taxes—can lead to the loss of your driving privileges.

Attorney Gilman has successfully represented clients in state courts and before the Registry of Motor Vehicles and Division of Insurance in all types of license suspension cases, including OUI and Immediate Threat Suspensions.

The new weapon used by Police Departments and the Registry of Motor Vehicles is the immediate threat suspension. One day you could hear a knock on the door and you could be handed an indefinite license suspension. At Gilman Law, P.C., we work with clients all of the Commonwealth who are unfairly suspended as an immediate threat. Our team can get your right to operate back!

For many, a license suspension can have devastating consequences. Costly fines, missed work, and the inability to run personal or family errands can make life difficult. If your driving privileges are on the line, you need an experienced and aggressive lawyer on your side. Dealing with the justice system can be stressful and confusing, and a knowledgeable advocate can make all the difference to keep you behind the wheel.

At Gilman Law, P.C., attorney Matthew Gilman uses his experience as a former Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) hearings officer to help those facing a license suspension successfully address their charges with the RMV and the courts. Regardless of what prompted your suspension, Matthew can help you understand your rights and help you obtain the best po

Attorney Matthew Gilman has represented hundreds of clients against the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and before the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals. He has argued 30A Administrative Appeals against the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the Superior Court. As a former RMV Hearing Officer Attorney Gilman knows how to get his clients' drivers licenses back. Attorney Gilman and his team are dedicated to License Suspension Law and OUI/DUI Defense. Over 90% of Attorney Gilman's clients have received license suspension relief from the RMV and Board of Appeals. Contact Attorney Gilman today for a Free License Suspension Consultation.

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