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Effect of Out of State Offenses & License Suspensions on Massachusetts Drivers

Massachusetts Residents and License Holders who are arrested, convicted or suspended in another state of any number of offenses such as OUI/DUI, Reckless Operation and motor vehicle law violations can face suspension of their Massachusetts Driver's License or right to operate. There are a number of different reasons or ways by which a Massachusetts Resident or License Holder could face a suspension of their Massachusetts License or Right to Operate for an offense occurring out of state:

If you are a Massachusetts Resident or License Holder and you are stopped and receive a citation in another state there may be license suspension consequences. Even if the citation is not criminal and just has a fine, the paying of the citation may result a Massachusetts License Suspension. Contact a License Suspension Lawyer to ensure you are protected.

Dealing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles is challenging enough. Adding another state into the picture can make the entire process frustrating and extremely difficult. However, as a former Hearing Officer Attorney Gilman deals with these License Suspensions on a daily basis. Even if you reside out of Massachusetts, the Registry of Motor Vehicles can impact your ability to operate in your home state. Specializing is License Suspensions, Attorney Gilman can work with you. Whether it is working with the Registry of Motor Vehicles or having to appeal to the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals, we have a track record of success in restoring our clients' license and right to operate. Contact Attorney Gilman today to resolve your out of state suspensions.

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