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Junior Operator License Holders Beware

Imagine, you have just turned 16 and a half and finally passed the drivers test. The Registry of Motor Vehicles issues Junior Operator Licenses to individuals who are under 18 years old. However, as a Junior Operator License Holder you still have many restrictions imposed on you. For example cannot operate between 12:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. and cannot operate with other people in the car besides family.

However, what should be most concerning for Junior Operator License Holders are the ramifications of receiving a citation and being found responsible for certain automobile law violations. Junior Operators are subject to stricter and enhanced penalties which do not apply to license holders over 18 years old. One of the most common violations that trigger the enhanced penalties on junior operators are speeding tickets. If you hold JOL, receive a speeding ticket and either voluntarily pay the citation or are found responsible, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend the right to operate for ninety days. 

As if the license suspension alone is not enough, the Registry will also require the suspended driver must complete the National Safety Council Alive at 25 Program as well as the State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) program. After serving the 90 day suspension, completing the two courses the Registry will require the payment of a $500.00 reinstatement fee and require the operator re-take the Permit Examination and Road. Contact Attorney Gilman Today for a Free Case Evaluation.

If you pay the citation or are found responsible and receive the license suspension notification do not bother going to the Registry asking for relief. You will sit an wait for several hours to be told that the RMV has no authority to grant any relief. Attorney Gilman has successfully obtained early relief for many junior operator clients. In many cases Attorney Gilman has been able to get reinstatements that do not require the client to re-take either the permit test or the road test!

First, if you have received a speeding ticket, we have been very successfully arguing these matters in District Courts across the Commonwealth. Do not just pay the ticket. Once the ticket is paid your responsibility is concluded. Contact us before paying the ticket. In the event you paid the ticket and received notification from the Registry that your license will be suspended, contact us to file an immediate appeal on your behalf at the Board of Appeals. The sooner we are notified of the suspension, the quicker we can have you before the Board and back on the road.

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