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Testimonials From License Suspension And OUI Clients

Adam Smith, CEO Recommends Matthew Gilman

I received a letter from the RMV about a year back stating that my license was going to be suspended for a period of 10 years due to a failed startup with an ignition interlock device. I immediately reached out to multiple law firms to discuss fighting this ridiculous suspension and was given very unreasonable quotes. I finally found GIlman Law and from the first time i spoke with them i felt a huge sense of relief. Matthew provided me a very fair quote and even provided detail on how he could get this overturned. The entire process took over a year due to the pandemic however Matthew kept in regular contact with me and provided regular updates. Finally I received a letter from the Appeal Office which stated that the decision to suspend my license was going to be overturned and that my appeals hearing would be canceled as a result which i assumed was the end of this long road and was on my way to driving again. My final step was to speak with a hearing officer which i thought was just a formality to discuss the steps i needed to take to restore my license however i was very wrong. The hearing officer notified me that the decision to suspend my license had been overturned but for a separate infraction they were now going to uphold the suspension as originally stated. While on the phone i texted Matthew Gilman out of panic who immediately requested that i three way him in. Once Matthew got on the line he handled the situation aggressively yet very professionally and even requested to speak with the Director who he mentioned by name however the hearing officer refused. Attorney Gilman took matters into his own hands and was able to get in touch with a Director at the RMV and was able to have the additional suspension lifted and get my license restored. Without the help of Attorney Gilman i would have never been able to restore my license as this was an incredibly tedious process which required someone very knowledgeable about the law and someone who was willing to fight for my rights. I would recommend Attorney Gilman to anyone who is in a similar situation as the RMV is taking peoples livelihood into their own hands without even listening to an explanation. I cant begin to thank Attorney Gilman enough for all the help and support he has provided.

– Adam Smith, CEO

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