Criminal Charges Not Issued After Show Cause Hearing

A Lenox Police Officer responded to a single motor vehicle accident where he observed the operator had driven his vehicle up over the curbing in the road. The accident resulted in the front bumper being severally damaged. When the officer approached the operator, identified as the client he discovered that his license had expired over five month prior. The officer also noted that the clients erratic operation was a threat to public safety. The client was charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and the Registry suspended the client as an Immediate Threat. Working with both the Lenox Police and the Clerk Magistrate's Office, Attorney Gilman was able to establish that his client was not intentionally operating on an expired license and that it was an honest error. Moreover, Attorney Gilman argued that what his client had already gone through with the Registry of Motor Vehicles was punishment enough. The Clerk Magistrate decided against issuing the criminal complaint. Complaint Denied.