Not Guilty Jury Verdict on Assault and Battery

Mike* was charged with committing the crime of assault and battery after he allegedly got into an argument and pushed his roommate. Mike had an extensive criminal record and if found guilty was likely facing a significant jail sentence.  

We are thrilled to announce that in under 20 minutes the jury returned with a verdict of Not Guilty! Attorney Gilman made it simple for the jury. The case was not about a physical fight but was simply an argument between two roommates. Roommates argue everyday. During cross examination of the alleged victim, Attorney Gilman was able to get him to admit that all Chris did was put his hand on his sholder, something he does all the time. During cross examination the alleged victim admitted that Chris is an emotional person and would often put his arms around peoples sholders during discussions. The alleged victim admitted that he was not scared, was not offended by and had no concerns for his physical safety during the entire interaction with Chris. No harmful or offensive touching resulted in a quick and just verdict of NOT GUILTY!

The Jury returned the Not Guilty verdict in under twenty (20) minutes!

Attorney Gilman is successfully defending criminal law cases and OUI/DUI cases to Not Guilty Verdicts and Case Dismissals everyday. Chris's jury verdict is not unique. If you have been charged with OUI or DUI or have a license suspension related to a OUI or DUI, do not wait! Attorney Gilman is available for a Free Case Consultation. Attorney Gilman can help you get back on the road legally!