Board of Appeals grants a Hardship License to Client after just three weeks

Client contacted Attorney Gilman after receiving notification from the Registry of Motor Vehicles that his license was about to be suspended for four years as an Habitual Traffic Offender. The client over a five year period had accumulated a total of 12 minor traffic violations which generated the suspension. Client a full time engineer lived over thirty minutes from his office and was required to drive to and from project sites as part of his employment. Attorney Gilman immediately filed an appeal with the Division of Insurance Board of Appeals and was able to get a hearing date in just three weeks from when the suspension began. Under the G.L. 90 §22F the Habitual Traffic Offender law, individuals are required to serve one year of the suspension before being eligible for hardship relief.

Attorney Gilman brought client before the Board just three weeks into the suspension. At the Board Attorney Gilman among other things argued before the Board that his client would be terminated from work if he was unable obtain hardship relief. In just over a week the Board voted to issue our client a hardship license. If it was not for this successful outcome, our client would very likely be unemployed today.

These results are not unique to just this client. If your license is suspended or you are facing a license suspension, do not fight it alone. Contact Attorney Gilman today.