I am excited to report that after just two court appearances a client with an extensive criminal record had the criminal offense of using a motor vehicle without authority dismissed. This case had extra significance because a conviction would have caused the client to loose his license for one year.

Client was a rear seat passenger in a motor vehicle that was pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at an intersection. It was discovered that the vehicle had been reported stolen. Police removed and arrested all three individuals including our client who was located in the rear passenger seat. I filed a Motion to Dismiss and argued that this criminal charge should never have gone forward against my client. Both the Commonwealth and the Judge agreed. The case was dismissed and our client's driving privileges are protected.  

If you are charged with offenses that involve motor vehicles or driving there are often collateral consequences tied to the outcome of the case. If you are concerend that your case could result in a license suspension or revocation you need an attorney knowledgeable about the license consequences.

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