About Gilman Law

OUI and License Suspension in MassachusettsAttorney Matthew Gilman is one of just a few private attorneys working today who previously served as a hearing officer at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Whether your license is suspended in Worcester, Middlesex, Hampden, Hampshire, Berkshire, Suffolk, Essex, or Bristol County, he is here to help you solve your legal problems. He concentrates his practice on helping individuals who have had their license suspended or are currently facing a suspension, and those facing drunk driving (DUI/DWI/OUI) and criminal charges.

Whether his clients are facing a felony, misdemeanor, or driver's license suspension, Gilman Law provides them with the highest level of counsel. As a former hearings officer at the RMV, Attorney Gilman knows how the RMV works and how it deals with license suspensions. His experience and knowledge level the playing field for his clients. Contact Attorney Gilman today.

A free consultation will help you understand all of your options and what legal defenses you may have. If you or a loved one has been arrested, is being questioned regarding a criminal matter, or has a suspended or revoked license, contact Attorney Gilman. He is available for consult 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Helping People Solve Their Legal Problems

Attorney Gilman assists his clients in solving many legal problems involving license suspensions, hardship licenses, impaired driving charges, and other criminal defense matters.